The Girls Inc. Experience

Whether girls are learning to read, develop a business plan, design a website, or leading a town hall discussion, there are common threads that run through Girls Inc. programming and help ensure girls’ success. We use these criteria to create consistent experiences, outcomes, and levels of quality in everything we do for girls.

Why Girls Inc

Pro-Girl Environment

A physically, socially, and emotionally safe place.

Mentoring Relationships

Trusting relationships with trained adult staff and volunteers.

Intentional & Compensatory Programming

Holistic programs that provide access and exposure to new opportunities.

Research-Based Curricula

Relevant, field-tested curricula that build girls’ knowledge, skills, and mind-sets.

Interactive Skill-Building Activities

Girl-centered, motivating, and engaging programs

Sustained Exposure

Programming and personal connections over time to increase positive outcomes

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is that the Girls Inc. Experience leads to these long-term outcomes:

Strong= Healthy

  • Healthy choices
  • Sound body image
  • Healthy relationships

Smart= Educated

  • Motivated to achieve
  • Improved performance in school
  • Graduates from high school
  • Sets & achieves personal, educational and career goals

 Bold= Independent

  • Uses own voice & advocates for others
  • Has resistance skills
  • Ability to regulate emotion
  • Knowledge of life skills application
  • Is resilient